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The ELITE retro arcade machines series was released In February 2022 and it might be the best adition to your video game room:
Both retro arcade machines come with multiple functional improvements that we have developed over two years.
Without a doubt, these are one of the most powerful and complete arcades you can find, capable of running the latest PC games , the high demanding emulators also Pinball machines.
– All emulators are updated to their latest versions.
– Light Gun SINDEN compatible in MAME

From €1,469

Our Retro Arcade Comes with Hyperspin

Retro Arcade Hyperspin is the best front-end interface. I will give you an amazing visual for different systems and games. Being able to scroll through your video game collection with previews, search function, and custom themes provide a seamless experience that’s also very easy to use. 

with authentic retro arcade CRT Visuals in mame

Bartop Arcade Mortal Kombat 2

All the retro arcade models come installed with HLSL setup for authentic CRT visuals (including scanlines!). These shaders are also able to emulate the curvature of CRT monitors to finalise that classic nostalgic look that define the old school retro games.

retro arcade Specification

arcade Customisation

Marquee (Free)

free marquee

All our retro arcade come with illuminated Marquee. Check our unique library of High-Resolution Marquees to customise the banner . After you have created your order you can pick your favourite marquee to be fitted onto your machine.

Feel free to explore the list of our available marquees (download 2.2mb).

Side Art stickers (Free)

side art free

 A perfectly  smooth white surface. We offer free customisation to apply artwork to the side of the arcade.

You can download previews of what side art we provide (download 7.2MB).

ultraluxe buttons for Bartop Arcade

Ultraluxe Chrome LED Illuminated Push Buttons

 Illuminated buttons (LED-T10) are optional and do not come as standard.


spare ssd and hdd Hyperspin

Back-up Hard Drive

We have a new option for the  new Elite machines due to customer requests. We now offer an additional SSD+HDD that will have a backup of the arcade machine’s configuration.

€129.00 (Elite-117 RAC)
€269.00 (Elite-127 RAC-PLUS)

spinner Ultimarc

SpinTrak control - Arcade Spinner with Knob

Precision rotary control with a striking spinner top. Play your favourites such as: Warlords, Arkanoid, Tempest, Tron, Outrun and many others.

Ultra-high resolution. Unbeatable 1200 ppr (pulses per revolution). Available in Silver, Red/Silver and Black/Silver


retro arcade Testimonials

retro arcade Postage Guide

 We do our best to dispatch your arcade machine in a week or two. However, there can be delays in busy times as we hand-craft each product carefully.

We will inform you of your delivery date, if you want your machine sent for an event or a special date, such as a birthday, please let us know in our contact form below.

Guideline Prices : 

Postage prices are only for the machines (not for the arcade console) and to be used as a guide, only. However, to receive an accurate postage fee for your location, please contact us.

Europe: €149.00
North America : €289.00
Rest of the World: €329.00

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