BarTop Arcade Machine

Elite Game Arcade 79RAC & 79RAC-PLUS
Sequel to our popular EXTREME 114in1-Plus, the ELITE-79RAC is the bartop arcade machine that can play all of your favourites from the golden age of arcade.  The ELITE 79RAC is the perfect addition to any gamer’s collection using precision cut materials and hardware from leading brands.

from €1,469

Arcade Console RAC-T Series
Relive the classics with a machine that can be easily set up in any location on any TV, monitor or  projector that has a HDMI input. Designed primarily for simplicity and a ‘plug and play’ experience. Releasing early 2022 the RAC-T series will allow you to play your favourites arcade or console games.

from €799

Tiny Arcade

Memories of the first video games I played on arcade machines, long after the golden age and the disappearance of arcades, are still etched into my soul. Many of us have happy memories of playing games such as Pac-Man, Space invaders, Donkey Kong, Star Wars, Contra, Double Dragon, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, Street Fighter 2, The King of Fighters, Metal Slug and many others.

These established names go to show the professionalism and dedication in creating games that leave a lasting impact on game lovers. This impact and amusement can be hard to find in games created today. Other than the nostalgia, many generations including young people have taken interest in these machines. We’ve had over 35 years of experience in building and repairing arcade machines, bartop arcade machines, video games, arcade cabinets and tiny arcade machines for all generations to enjoy.

Our machines are very labour intensive and handcrafted with great attention to detail in our workshop since 1985 and we pride ourselves in the exemplary quality which we are always seeking to improve. This commitment leaves us with a high reputation amongst our past customers. Find out exactly what some of our past customers have to say in the testimonials section of our site, or in the reviews section of our Amazon and e-Bay pages.

All of our reviews are genuine; contact details have been removed for their privacy. If you would like to contact any of our past customers for further information please ask and we will be more than happy to get in touch with them on your behalf.



Postage Guide

We do our best to dispatch your machine in a week or two. There can be delays as we hand-craft each product there can be delays.

We will inform you of your delivery date, if you want your machine sent for an event or certain date, such as a birthday, please let us know in our contact form below. 

Guideline Prices

These postage prices are only for the bartop arcade machines (not for the arcade console) and to be used as a guide, to receive an accurate postage fee, please contact us.

Spain: Free
Europe: €149.00
North America & Russia: €269.00
Rest of the World: €329.00

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