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Prior to the recent COVID-19 pandemic it was considered anti-social and weird to stay at home all day playing video games. After, however, the tune changed and rather than being considered abnormal, it was suddenly incredibly responsible to stay home and indulge in hours of play time, while ordering take away and supporting your local small business from the comfort of your couch. Way to go!

The downside is that quarantine dragged on. Now almost two years of staying home to stay safe, and the same old games are becoming stale. Plus, it seems that as soon as you get comfortable you inevitably have to get up to change the game, or switch systems. That is, if you don’t have a home arcade system. There has been a surge in home arcade purchases since the lockdown, and if you’ve been thinking of buying, but you aren’t sure you have the space for a full-sized arcade system, here is the answer to a problem you didn’t know you had. Tabletop, or Bartop, Arcade Machines.

Tiny Arcade is an online arcade shop where we build small sized arcade machines, arcade consoles and the best tabletop arcade machine that can fit in just about any space you need them to, while not losing out on the retro arcade aesthetic of a traditional machine. We’ve been building every machine from scratch since 1985.

We offer :

– Two options for the bartop (or tabletop) arcade machines:  ELITE-117 RAC and the ELITE-127 RAC – PLUS.

the best ever bartop arcade machine

-Three options for the Arcade Console 

arcade console

(RAC-T -2,4 and 8).you need to have a TV with DHMI in port  to run it.

All this systems feature Hyperspin (latest version)which is the best front-end graphic interface out there, and with it you can customise the menu system and scroll through the game collection, search function also included in order to easily find your favourite game title.

They also come with HLSL pre-installed for the authentic CRT (Cathode-ray tube) visuals, complete with the old-school scanlines for a nostalgic look that we all associate with arcades. 

crt visual for each bartop arcade machine

Systems are SINDEN Light Gun compatible in MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), all emulators are updated to the most recent version. Although the Light Gun is not included with the arcade systems.

Here is a list of the specifications that are the same on both bartop arcade systems:

  • Display: 19-in 5:4 Professional IPS monitor
  • HDMI out port.
  • Very fast boot timefrom SSD, only 9 seconds.
  • High quality Audio: HD Ultra Bass with Stereo HiFi Audio Amplifier with Volume/Bass/Treble adjustment.
  • 5mm headphone jack.
  • HDMI out.
  • USB: 2 X USB 3.0 ports in the front for additional devices such as steering wheel, SINDEN light gun, joystick, and joypads. Keep in mind that new hardware may need to be set up within the emulators before use.
  • Xbox360 gamepadincluded with each machine.
  • Compatible with Sinden Light Gun(calibration is necessary).
  • Compatible with XboxOne and with ELITE Series 2 game-pad.
  • Windows 10 Professionalgenuine licence for each machine.
  • Brand new last generation of computer hardware only from the leading brands. Motherboard: GigabyteGAMING HD (LGA1200).
  • Extremely quiet – 16 dB -no vent fan or HDD can be heard while playing thanks to the multiple anti vibration systems developed and implemented by us.
  • Sequel update of our popular EXTREME 114in1-PLUS machine, The ELITE series come with multiple functional improvements we have developed in almost two years of “fun”.

-Here is what is different for each system.


The ELITE – 117 RAC system is the more ‘basic’ of the two but it is far from basic. It features a 10th generation Intel i3, 3.6 GHz Quad core processor 8 threads, 4GB DDR4 memory, and a large 120GB solid state drive storage, plus an  2TB Seagate HDD.

The system features 117 game systems, and has the more popular ones like, the classic Arcade,Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sony Playstation, Sega Genesis, and many many more. It also features 24,000 games.


With the ELITE-127 RAC-PLUS, things are understandably better and capable to run flawless PC HD games.

  • . It has a 10th Generation Intel i5, 4.1GHz Hexa-core, 12 threads processor for one thing. This means that the CPU can handle multi-tasking better and perform better too. It has an 8GB DDR4 Memory, and 120GB SSD +4TB Seagate Graphics: nVidia GeForce 2GB GDDR5.
  • Games: As for games, the PLUS model offers 127 game systems rather than the 117. As well as having twice the games, 48,000 rather than the 24,000 that the base model has.

Aside from the very extensive list of similarities between the two machines,both come with full MAME Arcade ,Neo-Geo,NES,SNES,SEGA GENESIS, CAVE, ZINC library so if that’s what you’re after,the regular ELITE-117 machine is enough.

But if you are looking TeknoParrot( Sega Ring Wide) ,Sega Triforce,Playstation 3 ,Wii and more games mainly in PC,Playstation 1/2,Sega Saturn/Dreamcast , Gamecube section or the high demanding PC HD games as Street Fighter 5 ,Tekken 7 ,Killer Instinct PC for instance ,that will not run at all on the regular ELITE-117.

Not to mention to run some high demanding games from some emulators in the best way possible it is sometimes better to have a much powerful hardware.

In this case the ELITE 127-PLUS machine is advisable.

There is also a list of these systems and games available for each machine that you can download on the website.

Keyboard2XInput already setup to be able to play all the PC HD fighting games straight with the control panel.

  • Sizes: As for console size, the ELITE-117 RAC and the ELITE-127 RAC-PLUS are the same size of 576mm (22.6in) in height, 477mm (18.7 in) wide, 415mm (16.3 in) deep, and weighs 17.2kg (40 lbs) So it can literally fit just about anywhere providing the surface is sturdy.
  • Aesthetic: As for decorating your home arcade system you can explore the list of marquees for the banner on the top of the machine. The arcade is a perfectly smooth white and artwork can be applied to the sides at no extra cost. There are optional illuminated push buttons that can be added, but they do not come standard, therefore they cost extra.