Gaming desktops or gaming consoles is an old-age debate. Most people tend to ask themselves or others before buying: Which is better- Game Console Arcade or PC? What’s the right choice for me?

If you are on the same page, dive into the following. And get to know the difference between both options.

The Difference Between Game Console Arcade And PC!

Game Console Arcade Advantages

Easy To Use

Game consoles get developed to be plug and play. You will get a controller, headset, and cables to get started quickly. Besides, the setup is simple, and updates get done automatically.

Unified Experience And Community

When you purchase a Game Console Arcade, you can be assured to achieve a unified experience. You can make friends lists, share gameplay footage with them, and start chatting with the push of a button. It is something a desktop lacks.

Exclusive And Console Only Titles

While more and more games are released across all platforms each year, consoles have become a trending thing nowadays. Builders like us invent a new version with the latest generation of computer parts.

Besides, some of the biggest games can only get played on gaming consoles at the moment.

Game Console Arcade

Gaming PC Advantages


One of the vital advantages of gaming on a desktop is the ability to customize your system. You can change pretty much anything you would like. From the case to every internal component of a device. Actually, there are seemingly endless options when we talk about PC customization. But high-end gaming laptops can cost upwards of several thousand dollars.


When it comes to graphical features, gaming on desktops dominates consoles. It is for sure that consoles can’t keep up with high-end CPUs and GPUs. If you are a fan of high frame rates, a PC will always be the best option.

When it comes to repairing a PC, it can be a tedious exercise for all PC owners. And expensive and lengthy repairs can be a crucial inconvenience for all game lovers.


Most standard gaming computers can get upgraded nowadays. You can upgrade the internal components at your convenient time.

Besides, different PC games may require separate apps or fragmented platforms.

Bottom Line!

Tiny Arcade is a leading service provider that builds and repairs various Game Console Arcade cabinets, like JAMMA, NEO-GEO, CAPCOM, SEGA, and MAME. If you wish to purchase customized arcade console machines, do not hesitate to contact us today!