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Different Types Of Video Games Machines That we build! :

1. Bartop Machines

Elite Series bartop arcades – 117 RAC and 127 RAC-PLUS are the latest generation of video game machine that comes with multiple functional improvements.

You can prefer it as the most effective and complete bartop arcade machine you will find in 2023

They are capable of running high-demanding emulator games and the latest PC games.

These Video game machines come with Hyperspin.

If you never heard about it, this is the best frontend interface that provides a wonderful visual for game preview. You are able to scroll through your bartop arcade machine game collection with video previews, search functions, and custom themes.

These Elite bartop arcade machines manufacture models that come installed with an HLSL setup. These shaders can emulate the curvature of CRT monitors to finalize the nostalgic look. Apart from that, these machines will give you the privilege to enjoy quality sounds with an HD ultra bass audio amplifier and also a 3.5 mm jack for headphones.

video games machines from Tinyarcade

2. Arcade Console Video Games

Wish to Go back and relive your childhood gaming experience? You must opt for the Arcade Console RAC-T series which has been designed with simplicity in mind.

The Arcade Console is basically a last-generation powerful PC machine that you can hook to your big TV with the HDMI port.

It allows you to run old arcade video game machines with CRT curvature and HLSL activated in MAME but also the new generation of the most demanding Arcade systems. Hyperspin interface will give you a unique experience with animation and video previews for each game.

These machines can fit in your game room, lounge, etc. where a big HD or 4K TV with an HDMI port is available. The portability factor can ensure that you can set them up very quickly at parties for additional entertainment. Apart from that, the RAC-T8 Arcade Console is compatible with 8BitDO Arcade Stick (wireless) and the MayFlash F500(wired).

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