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In the era of technology, video games are the most popular word among all age groups. From children to adults – all have become addicted to it. So, bespoke arcade machines are still in high demand.

Having these machines is undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience fun, generate a new income source, and so on.

But, before installing a device at your home, we suggest clearing all your doubts. In this blog, we will answer all the common FAQs related to bespoke arcade machines and its manufacturer like us. So keep reading!

The Common FAQs Related To Buying Bespoke Arcade Machines!

How Long Will It Take To Arrive At My Place?

We build and dispatch machines in two weeks and strive to keep this schedule. Here, we wish to mention one thing our arcade machines are very labor-intensive and built with great attention to detail so delays can be expected during busy time.

Besides, we can give you an estimate for delivery when you place your order. If you require a machine for a specific event (e.g. your child’s birthday), you need to mention that via our contact form.

Are There Any Additional Postage Fees?

For items delivered outside the European Union, you need to pay some additional charges for customs duties in your country. For detailed information about these costs, you can contact the customs office in your country.

What Warranty Do You Offer for the bespoke arcade machines?

We offer a 2 years warranty for the newly released 2022 MAME arcade machine (one year for the rest) on the parts supplied.

Bespoke Arcade Machines

This includes the internal components like the motherboard, RAM, monitor, and audio system of your bespoke arcade machines. You need to know the warranty does not cover software or software installation, buttons, and arcade controls.

Once we ship the order to you, we have no control over any configuration changes.

Can I Add Roms To The Bespoke Arcade Machines?

With the arcade machines ELITE- 117 RAC , Elite 127 RAC-PLUS, and the T2,4,8 series Arcade Console you can add ROMs. We can send full instructions with the package if you feel comfortable doing this but we cannot offer software support.

What Postage Couriers Do You Use?

We only use reputable couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Plus, we take pride in how our team securely packs those machines to avoid damage in transit.

Bottom Line!

Tiny Arcade is a leading service provider that builds/repairs several types of arcade game cabinets, like JAMMA, NEO-GEO, CAPCOM, SEGA, and MAME. If you wish to buy bespoke arcade machines, do not hesitate to contact us today!