About Tiny Arcade Machines

I am an electronic engineer by trade and I love old classic arcade games.

Tiny Arcade UK builds from scratch and repair several types of arcade game cabinets, like JAMMA, NEO-GEO, CAPCOM, SEGA, and MAME. Over the last 37 years, I have been dedicating my time and passion to improving my skills and building only high-quality products.

Usual arcade machines have one drawback, their size.

The space that typical arcade machines take up is a big inconvenience. Since noticing this, I have started to build highly compact arcade machines which take up a fraction of the space.

These compact machines are built specifically to contain all of the components and extra care is taken to ensure our machines are at the end of each project.

When you get a machine from Tiny Arcade UK:

you get the best retro arcade machine that gives you the same feeling and gameplay as a full arcade machine but can easily fit in your games room, kitchen, or employee’s lounge on a countertop or bar. The portability of our arcade machines ensures you can set it up at parties for some extra entertainment (especially for those competitive players among you).

The Arcade Machines and Arcade Console from Tiny Arcade will keep your friends and family entertained for countless hours.
Relive your favorite games in the way it was supposed to be played, nothing quite compares to the old classic arcade games with genuine arcade controls.
You can check out some of my work on our Gallery page, or check out our latest Bar-Top Arcade Machines. 



We build and dispatch usually in two weeks and we work hard to keep this schedule. Our  arcade machines are very labour intensive, built with a great attention to detail ensuring the highest quality. Please contact us, during busier periods you can expect larger lead times.

We can give you an estimate for delivery when you place your order. If you require a machine for a specific event (e.g. a birthday) please let us know via our contact form.

We accept : PayPal , Wise transfer, Debit/Credit card and Bank Transfer for all products. 

We only use reputable couriers for postage (DHL, FedEx, UPS) and we take pride in how we securely pack our machines to avoid damage in transit. 

For items delivered outside the European Union you, as a buyer, may be subject to additional charges for customs duties in your country. For more information about these costs, please contact the customs office in your country.

With the arcade machines ELITE-117 RAC , ELITE 127 RAC-PLUS and the T2,4,8 series Arcade Console you can add ROMs within the USB ports located in the from of the machines. We can send full instructions with the package if you feel comfortable to do this but we cannot offer software support.

Because we use only brand new parts, we offer a 2 years warranty for the new released 2022 MAME arcade machine (one year for the rest) on parts supplied and the materials used to construct you arcade machine.

This includes the internal components (motherboard, RAM, monitor and audio system) of your arcade machine, the warranty does not cover software or software installation also buttons and arcade controls. These arcade machines  ( ELITE-117 RAC and the ELITE- 127 RAC-PLUS) and T2,4,8 series Arcade Console are Windows 10 Pro OS based. Once we ship the order to you, we have no control over any configuration changed made. We do not take responsibility for any software configuration changes you make. If you have a part in need of replacement under warranty, please email us and we will make the arrangements needed to replace the item ASAP.

All hardware is installed brand-new to avoid disappointment on both sides. For peace of mind, you can request a spare SSD+HDD (optional with the ELITE- 117RAC, ELITE – 127 RAC-PLUS machines and the T2,4,8 seties Arcade Console) so that ,if something were to happen down the line, you would be able to replace the faulty hard drive with the spare.

We also send spare buttons or micro-switches (where not integrated) as these can fail on rare occasion. If you have a part in need of replacement under warranty, please email us and we will make the arrangements needed to replace the item ASAP.

Finally if the power supply were to fail, any computer technician would be able to replace this part for you.


Postage Guide

We do our best to dispatch your machine in a week or two. There can be delays as we hand-craft each product there can be delays.

We will inform you of your delivery date, if you want your machine sent for an event or certain date, such as a birthday, please let us know in our contact form below.

Guideline Prices

Postage prices are only for the bartop arcade machines (not for the arcade console) and to be used as a guide, only. However, to receive an accurate postage fee for your location, please contact us.

Europe: €149.00
North America : €289.00
Rest of the World: €329.00

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